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The homeAlias is a lookup scheme that roots module lookup to your project's base folder, either your steal.directories.lib folder or the baseURL. It is set to ~, by default, but can be customized.

This syntax is supported by all module formats.


Prepend lookups with ~/ such as:

var tabs = require("~/components/tabs/tabs");

This will load the module from BASE/components/tabs/tabs.js. If your package.json has:

  "steal": {
    "directories": {
      "lib": "src"

Then it will be loaded from BASE/src/components/tabs/tabs.js.

Custom homeAlias Symbol

You can change the symbol that's used as the homeAlias operator in the steal configuration. The following example sets the homeAlias to be the @ symbol, instead of ~, for the entire project.

"steal": {
  "homeAlias": "@"

Using the above configuration, importing a module relative to the project's home folder is done like this:

import myComponent from "@/components/my-component/";


The ~ scheme is an alternative to using the package name for look up, such as:

   "name": "app"


And loading as:

 var tabs = require("app/components/tabs/tabs");

Using ~ provides a shorter alias for your app's package name.


Note that in production you need to use your app's package name in your script tag such as:

<script src="node_modules/steal/steal.js" main="app/main"></script>
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