• property
config.cacheVersion {String}  

Specifies a version string to be used for the purposes of cache busting bundles.


Any string version to be used for cache busting.

<script src="./dist/steal.production.js" cache-version="12345"></script>


Use the cacheVersion configuration value to cache bust your JavaScript and CSS bundles. Cache busting is only available in production mode.

The best way to specify the cacheVersion is in the production steal script tag like so:

<script src="./dist/steal.production.js" cache-version="12345"></script>

This will result in requests such as:


The above example uses the version query string to specify a version number. This is usually enough to bust the browser cache. If you'd like to use a different query string identifier, use the cacheKey configuration as well.

Using server templates you can easily dynamically set the version value based your application's versioning strategy like a package.json version number, or a Git hash. The cache busting extension will work regardless of what string is used.

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