• property
config.stealPath {String}  

Specify the path to the steal.js root folder and set many other configuration values as side effects. This should not typically be called directly.


The folder that contains steal.js.

steal.js set this internally when loading to setup default paths for @dev, [$css], [$less], @traceur and baseURL.


steal.js calls config with the path to steal.js internally. This sets up the following default values in paths:

  • @dev - PATH/dev.js
  • [$css] - PATH/css.js
  • [$less] - PATH/less.js
  • @traceur - PATH/../traceur/traceur.js - Assumes traceur is in a folder next to steal.

Finally, it will set baseURL provided nothing else is setting it to:

  • PATH/.. - if PATH ends with /steal.
  • PATH - if the first two conditions are not met.
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