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Good artists copy; great artists steal.

StealJS is a module loader and builder that will help you create the next great app. It's designed to simplify dependency management while being extremely powerful and flexible.

StealJS is composed of two parts.

The Module loader

Steal supports the future - ES6 Module Loader syntax - with everything traceur supports, while supporting AMD , and CommonJS . It can load npm modules without configuration.

Steal makes your development workflow simple and easy. Steal automatically loads a config and development tools module, supports css and less, and makes it easy to switch between development and production environments.

The Builder

Steal-tools builds your application or exports your project to AMD, CommonJS or standalone formats. And steal-tools can build progressively loaded apps that balance caching and script requests resulting in lightning-fast load times.

For more information, checkout Why StealJS, or our step-by-step Quick Start guide to help you get up and running.

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