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grunt-steal is a collection of Grunt tasks for building out projects that use StealJS.



  1. build {steal-build}

    A task for building an application for production. Equivalent to using build.

  2. export {steal-export}

    A task for exporting a project to another module format, for sharing with others who will use your project outside of StealJS.

  3. live-reload {steal-live-reload}

    A task for starting a [live-reload] server.


Use grunt-steal by first installing it as a development dependency:

> npm install grunt-steal --save-dev


In your Gruntfile.js load the tasks that grunt-steal provides in the same way you register any other Grunt tasks:


Then use one of the tasks provided in your Grunt configuration: steal-build, steal-export, and steal-live-reload.

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