• typedef {Object}  

The steal-live-reload options object's values.



  1. steal {Object}

    Specifies the config argument in build. The main option must be specified. Typically, configPath is also specified, as that is used to set baseURL. Any Steal configuration can be specified; however, most other build configuration values are specified by buildConfig, in the config file.

  2. liveReloadOptions {Object}

    Specifies the options argument to steal-tools live-reload.


"steal-live-reload" is registered as a Grunt multi-build task. Specify the default "steal-live-reload" task options, as follows:

  "steal-live-reload": {
    default: {
      options: {
        steal: {
          config: __dirname + "/app/config.js",
          main: "app/app"
        liveReloadOptions: {
          liveReloadPort: 8013

The Grunt task takes 2 objects as its options: steal, and liveReloadOptions.


These are config values that are used to load modules during the build process. Typically, you will want to specify at least the config and main options, like so:

  config: __dirname + "/config.js",
  main: ["math/add", "math/subtract"]


The liveReloadOptions property specifies the properties on the options argument to steal-tools live-reload.

The following options are available:

  • liveReloadPort {Number}

Read more about them on steal-tools live-reload.

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