• property
config.main {Array<String>}  

The entry point of the application.


Loads an entry point by referencing it in association with the [config.packageName] of your application.

<script src="node_modules/steal/steal.js"


  1. packageName {String}

    The name of the package from the package.json name field.

  2. main {String}

    The name of the entry module (usually a JavaScript file).


Loads an entry point by referencing in association with the homeAlias.

<script src="node_modules/steal/steal.js"


  1. main {String}

    The name of the entry module (usually a JavaScript file).

{ main: "packageName/main" }

Loads an entry point by referencing the main in a configuration setting (such as within steal-tools). Any tool which takes a steal configuration object can accept a main, for example:

const stealTools = require("steal-tools");{
  config: __dirname + "/package.json!npm",
  main: "todo-app/app"

This method can also be used to configure steal within HTML, by setting the main prior to the steal script tag like so:

  steal = {
    baseURL: "/apps/todos",
    main: "~/main"
<script src="node_modules/steal/steal.js"></script>

Omitting the main

The main module is not loaded by default. Merely adding a steal script tag will not load any code:

<script src="node_modules/steal/steal.js"></script>

This is particular useful for demo pages where there isn't an associated JavaScript file for that particular page, and code is written inline using a steal-module script tag tag:

<div id="root"></div>

<script src="node_modules/steal/steal.js"></script>

<script type="steal-module">
  import TodoList from "~/components/todo-list";

  document.querySelector("#root").appendChild(new TodoList());

Missing main warning

No main is loaded

This warning is reported to the console when steal starts and no other modules are loaded. This is usually a mistake as you wouldn't be using steal if you didn't intend to load modules with it. It could be that:

  • You forgot to include a main attribute in the steal script tag. See the above signatures for how to do that.
  • You intend to create an inline code demo using a steal-module script tag or one of the other techniques for loading code dynamically such as steal.import.

steal uses a heuristic to determine if this warning should be shown. If you believe the warning is shown by mistake please submit an issue.

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