• property

A path scheme that rewrites the path via the steal path resolution system. This syntax is only available in a file loaded by a supported extension.



  1. resourcePath {String}

    Path to a resource to resolve via Steal. May be relative to the file, the baseURL, a npm module, or any stealable module.



A path to the located resource, relative to the importing file.

Currently this syntax is supported in the bundled CSS, LESS & Stache extensions.

Note: In LESS & Stache this syntax is available recursively, that is, it's available in stache & LESS files that are sub-imports of those you include directly in your modules & pages. However this isn't available for CSS imports, as CSS imports are handled by the browser without the Steal CSS plugin having a chance to rewrite any 'locate://' paths.

As an example in a LESS context, we could import bootstrap into a stylesheet from the bootstrap npm module:


@import 'locate://bootstrap/less/bootstrap.less';

it would be rewritten (assuming the default location of node_modules) to:

@import '../../node_modules/bootstrap/less/bootstrap.less'

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