• property
config.bundles {Object<moduleName,Array<moduleName>>}  

Bundles configuration allows a single bundle file to be loaded in place of separate module files.


An object where keys are bundle moduleNames and values are Arrays of moduleNames that the bundle contains.


Specify bundles if you are using a prebuilt bundle. For example, if "jqueryui.autocomplete" and "jqueryui.datepicker" are in "jqueryui.custom", you can specify that like:

    bundles: {
        "jqueryui.custom": [

If bundle is passed to steal-tools, it will write out where to load bundles in the production bundles.

Production Default Values

In production a bundles is written out to contain the main module. For example:

  main: "myapp",
  env: "production"
  bundles: {
    "bundles/myapp": "myapp"

This way, when the "myapp" module is imported, Steal will load ["bundles/myapp"]. Use bundlesPath to configure where bundles are found.

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