Moving to Production

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Once your application is in a place to deploy to production you'll need to take just a few steps to get that ready.

Create a build

Using steal-tools we can create a build that concats and minifies our source code together. If you haven't already, install steal-tools now:

npm install steal-tools --save-dev

Then create a script in your project folder called build.js:

var stealTools = require("steal-tools");;

Run it with:

node build.js

This will create a bundles folder in dist/bundles that contain all of your JavaScript and CSS bundles.

If you'd also like it to copy your fonts and images (from CSS) you can specify that in the build options:

var stealTools = require("steal-tools");{}, {
  bundleAssets: true

With everything packaged together you can move the dist/ folder to where it is exposed on your webserver.

This will also pack a steal.production.js file that can be used to load the app in production.

Create a production html file

In a lot of Steal apps you might have separate html files for development and production. Your development.html might look like:

  <title>My App</title>
  <script src="./node_modules/steal/steal.js" main></script>

To use this in production you only need to change the script tag to:

<script src="./dist/steal.production.js"></script>

Notice that steal-tools has copied over steal.production.js into your dist folder. This script is preconfigured, so all you need to do is add it to your page. Because we use bundleAssets, everything is packaged into the dist folder and your development files are never touched in production.


Alternatively you could use the bundleSteal option with steal-tools which will include Steal in your main bundle. To use this option update your build script to:

var stealTools = require("steal-tools");{}, {
  bundleAssets: true,
  bundleSteal: true

Then to use change your script tag to:

<script src="./dist/bundles/app/app.js"></script>

Load Scripts from a CDN

You may have very common scripts like jQuery that you want to load from a CDN in production. To do this, see Loading Scripts from a CDN.

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