• function

A function provided by transformImport that returns a transformed module or modules.

transform(moduleName, options)


  1. moduleName=config.main {moduleName}Optional

    The module name to build.

  2. options {TransformOptions}Optional

    Options that configure how the files are compiled. These options overwrite the pluginifierOptions argument passed to transformImport.



A promise for an object containing a string code property and a map that is the source map if the sourceMaps option is set to true.


After getting transform from transformImport you can call it, like:

var promise = transform("module/name/to/build", {
  // specifies modules to ignore
  ignore: [
    // ignores this module, and all of its dependencies
    // ignores modules with names matching this pattern

  // Remove code between !steal-remove-start and !steal-remove-end.
  // true by default.
  removeDevelopmentCode: true,

  // Transpile the code to either "amd", "steal", "cjs" or "global".
  // "global", the default, allows the file to work without any
  // module loader.
  format: "global",

  // Minify the file using uglify.
  // `false` by default.
  minify: true,

  // Only write the module specified by `moduleName`, instead of its
  // dependencies. `false` by default.
  ignoreAllDependencies: false

  // Map module names to their name on the global object. Useful for
  // building "global" modules that depend on other scripts already in
  // the page.
  exports: {"jquery": "jQuery"},

  // Transpile to normalized dependency names.
  // `true` by default.
  useNormalizedDependencies: true

  // Custom normalization behavior
  // By default, the normalized name is used.
  normalize: function(name, currentModule, address){
    return name;


Most of these options are optional. For more information, read transformOptions.

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