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Allows the ability to completely control the transpiling of ES2015 source down to another format for production bundling (usually to AMD).

transpile(source, compileOptions)


  1. source {String}

    The ES2015 source code to be transpiled.

  2. compileOptions {TranspileCompileOptions}

    The options needed to be used to do the transpile, such as the format being transpiled to, and whether source maps are needed.



An object containing code and (optionally) map properties.

The transpile option gives you complete control over transpiling. After StealTools has created a graph of your project's dependencies it then goes through each and transpiles them into a common format, usually AMD for the multi-build.

If you're using a specific version of Traceur, Babel, or a different transpiler altogether, you might want to use this so that you can do your own transpiling.

Here's an example of usage:

var Babel = require("babel-core");
var stealTools = require("steal-tools");

var mapFormat = {
    'commonjs': 'common',
    'amd': 'amd'

var transpile = function(source, compileOptions){
    var babelOptions = {
        modules: mapFormat[compileOptions.module],
        sourceMap: compileOptions.sourceMaps || false

    return babel.transform(source, opts);
    config: __dirname + "/package.json!npm"
}, {
    transpile: transpile
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