• typedef {Object}  

The following options can be specified to configure live-reload's behavior, using any method specified in config.



  1. liveReloadPort=8012 {Number}Optional

    Specifies a port to use to establish the WebSocket connection. By default 8012 will be used. This can be specified in the script tag or in your config.

  2. liveReload=true {Boolean}Optional

    Specifies whether to try and connect with a WebSocket server. If provided as the string false (such as through the script tag), this is also honored.

    This is only useful to temporarily disable live-reload while you have the server off.

  3. liveReloadAttempts=1 {Number}Optional

    If live-reload is unable to connect to a server it can attempt to retry on a delay. This option specifies the number of times to try connecting. By default liveReloadAttempts is 1, meaning no retries will occur.

  4. liveReloadRetryTimeout=500 {Number}Optional

    When live-reload retries to connect to a server, this option configures the timeout, in milliseconds, before a retry will occur.

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