Contributing on Windows

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This guide will help you get set up with Steal Tools on Windows. To develop Steal Tools you need a C++ compiler (for native dependencies).

Package Management

In this guide we'll use chocolatey to install packages needed to develop Steal Tools. You don't have to use chocolatey if you don't want, and can instead search for the dependencies and install them with a Windows installer, but we'll use chocolately because it makes things a bit easier.

After you've installed chocolatey by following the instructions on the homepage open an administrative console and proceed to the next step.

Python 2.x

Native dependencies in Node.js are installed with node-gyp which uses Python as a build tool. It expects Python 2.x:

choco install python2 -y

Windows SDK

Next we need the Windows SDK. We're going to assume Windows 7, but adjust this command to the version of Windows you use:

choco install windows-sdk-7.1 -y

Visual Studio Express

Installing Visual Studio Express gives us the C++ compiler we need:

choco install visualstudioexpress2013windowsdesktop -y
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