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config.babelOptions {Object}  

Babel 6 is the default JavaScript compiler in stealJS. Babel provides some options for transpiling the JavaScript code. Available options can be found here)


Default Babel 6 options

The default options for the Babel 6 transpiler are


  • es2015-no-commonjs
  • react
  • stage-0


  • transform-es2015-modules-systemjs

An example of configuration babelOptions in your package.json

"steal": {
    "babelOptions": {
        "presets": [
        "plugins": [

Babel options like optional, whitelist or blacklist are not vaild options in Babel 6 anymore.

Babel 5 options for stealJS < 1.0

If you are using a stealJS version less than 1.0, Babel is not the default transpiler. See transpiler how to change the JavaScript compiler. If you activated Babel as the default transpiler, steal sets the following as default options


  • react

If you want JSX support, pass an empty array for the blacklist option. An example of configuration babelOptions in your package.json

"steal": {
    "babelOptions": {
        "blacklist": []


JSX is supported by default with the Babel 6 compiler, so you can use it directly in your code like:

var hw = <div>Hello <strong>world!</strong></div>;

If you would like to import a .jsx template to your app like this:

import renderer from "my-jsx-template.jsx";

have a look at the steal-react-jsx plugin